Members of CACTUS


Sidhartha Sankar “SIDHU” Ray :

If medicine taught him about the human anatomy, music taught him the ways of the mind. For Dr. Siddhartha Sankar Ray, every song is a personal journey – a journey where he shares his love, hate, laughter and anger with every face in the crowd.


  • Birthday : 28th December (Capricorn).
  • Contribution : Vox, Composition.
  • Favourite Brands/Artists : Dire Straits, Lata Mangeskar.
  • Favourite Films : “Ek doctor ki maut”.
  • Favourite Author : Rabindranath , Jibananando.
  • Favourite Food : Traditional veggie dishes of Bengal, Misti doi.
  • Biggest Influence : My Medical course and training, Paglu, Chhordi and of course, CACTUS.
  • Hobbies : Photography.
  • Dislikes: My lack of perseverance.

Soumyajit Saqi Banerjee – the story teller.. :






  • Birthday : 13th february (Aquarius).
  • Contribution : Vocals, Songwriter, Composition.
  • Favourite band: Pearljam, Foo Fighters, Cactus, Nirvana
  • Favourite Films :Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, so many..
  • Favourite author: Mostly Indian authors, Ayn Rand..
  • Favourite food: Biriyani, Diet biriyani!! and what exactly is diet biriyani! Chicken bharta.
  • Biggest influence: she..
  • Hobbies: Reading, Cooking,
  • Dislikes:  Brinjal, Dieting, and all the executive producers of india
  • Instruments: who cares! When u can sing loud as luck!