Members of CACTUS

Sudipto “BUTI” Banerji


Musician par excellence and a bundle of energy, Buti brings the extra edge to the band.


  • Birthday : 24th September (Libra).
  • Contribution : Keyboard and Synthesizer. 
  • Favorite Band/Artist : deep purple, pink floyd, radiohead, sigur ros, air, duran duran, toto, peter cetera, van. 
  • Favorite Film : mr holland’s opus,godfather 1, 2, fast & furious, doors the movie, almost famous, forrest gump, taare zamin par.
  • Favorite Author : not much of a book Worm only keyboard player magazines. 
  • Favorite Food : tandoori, continental, chinese – more meat, the merrier.
  • Biggest Influence : Thammu, Ma, Dad, Jon Lord, Derek Sherinian, ludvig van beethoven, Antonio lucio vivaldi.
  • Hobbies : playin nfs, Most Wanted, long drives, partying.
  • Dislikes : 2 faced people, traffic jams…lol.


  • Roland Fantom X6.
  • Roland V Synth GT.
  • Roland AX Synth.
  • Yamaha Map 5.
  • M-audio delta 10/10.
  • Sound X Double Tier Keyboard Stand.
  • Roland Damper Pedals.