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Did we choose the time or did time choose us?

In the early nineties, the average Bengali youth was restless with the farcical social – political system, the apprehensions of globalization and a sense of alienation.

Every initiation, most certainly, is derived from a need – a need to improve the existing state. We were no exception.

Circa 1990, the music scene in Bengal was a complete contrast to the present one. We had to satisfy ourselves by taking pride in the music composed much before we were born. The youth was unable to identify with the contemporary music of the time and we also experienced the same emotions.

Moreover, the average Bengali was not used to the idea of Bangla rock. A very small percentage of the mass would listen to rock music which was essentially in the English language. There was also a severe lack of identification with the local music culture which was only doing English rock music. This led to a sense of dissatisfaction, leaving the youth disoriented and confused.

Some hope had to germinate… Or rather, a statement – Bold and emphatic! By the youth and for the youth…
Thus, “CACTUS”, an outfit that catered to the thirsty youth, was born. We derived our name from the fact that the music scene was then devoid of life as in a desert. And despite the odds, like a cactus, we survived…

Cactus was formed way back in 1992. Inspired by the likes of DEEP PURPLE, PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN, IRON MAIDEN and many others, we started the journey with the purpose of doing rock n’ roll in a language closer to our soil, thereby expanding our vistas and erasing all existing limitations. Cactus went on to become the first ever professional Bangla rock band.

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